Indians in America

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von: Carina

1. Different theories about the Indians origin

2. The Ancient Indians
2.1. Bering
2.2. Lithic-Indian
2.3. Archaic-Indians

3. Ancient civilizations
3.1. Southwest
3.2. The Mound Builders
3.3. The Temple Mound Builders

4. Indian Lifeways
4.1. Woodwork
4.2. Stonework
4.3. Skinwork
4.4. Textiles
4.5. Basketry
4.6. Pottery
4.7. Metalwork
4.8. Shelter
4.9. Clothing
4.10. Religion

5. Indians and explorers

6. Indian wars

7. Population

1. Different theories about the Indians origin

2. The Ancient Indians

3. Ancient civilizations

4. Indian lifeways

5. Indians and explorers

There are different speculations if there came other people to America before Columbus. The white exploration of North America lasted for four centuries, from the end of the 15th into the 20th century. Five European nations sent out expeditions: Spain, France, England, the Netherlands and Russia. Even Sweden held a territory in the Delaware Bay.

6. Indian wars

The Whites did not accept traditions and habits of the Indians, so they started wars. These wars should last for four hundred years and in the end the Indians lost the Four-Hundred-Year-War.

7. Poulation

The number of indians in pre-kolumbian time was around 25 million, it decreased because of the fights and new illnesses rapidly, and has just now reached his old level (inkluding half-caste-indians).